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Dogs are going Bananas for Blueberries

Pooch Natural Living was launched in 2017. It took a lot of planning and creating original recipes in the kitchen so when I began thinking of my first dog treat for my business I instantly thought of blueberries. I didn't know what else will be in it, but blueberries was a must plus it will look really cool to see real blueberries treats in a see through bag. Blueberries is a healthy food and I have given them to my dog as a snack, which she loves. Aside from being tasty, blueberries is a super food loaded with antioxidant. According to Anna Burke's article in American Kennel Club, "antioxidants, like those [found] in blueberries, help fight free radicals, which are responsible for cellular and molecular damage in dogs and in humans. As an added bonus, studies show that adding antioxidants to a dog’s diet reduces the effects of brain aging, which is great if you have a senior dog". Wow! Why wouldn't I make blueberry treats?? But something else was missing...I thought of bananas as another yummy treat since I sometimes feed it to my dog as a treat. So why not combine the two? Bananas are a great source of potassium and magnesium. Liz Donovan stated in her article "Can Dogs Eat Bananas?", that magnesium in bananas can help promote bone growth in dogs as well as help the body produce protein and absorb vitamins.

Aside from doing research on each ingredient, it wasn't easy making my first flavor treat for my business. I must be honest I failed the first time, the second time, the third, the fourth, and the fifth. But the fifth time was better than the first so I was on a mission! Overall, practice makes perfect and I was on my way to something yummy in a bag. After much trial and error in baking these treats, I was sitting on my couch thinking of a name to label this new treat. My house smelled like a blueberry pie with a side of a banana shake (don't mind me, it's how I imagined it, which sounds delicious to me anyway) and boom the name "Bananas for Blueberries" was born! My dog was going B-A-N-A-N-A-S for this new treat her mommy just created. I was a proud doggy mommy excited to share my new creation with the rest of the world. I had to spread the news and offer samples to receive feedback. Well, I received feedback that their fur baby loved them however I also received feedback that humans loved it too! Yes, humans ate some too. This treat is made with real ingredients with no added sugar or artificial preservatives. Plus I get it, the treats smell delicious as soon as you open the bag so both humans and dogs cannot resist! My hard work in the kitchen became a success and I want other dogs to experience the deliciousness...


Background: Pooch Natural Living was created with my dog Monchi in mind. She's my inspiration and has taught me so much about patience when it comes to finding good quality dog food and treats since she suffers from allergies. My mission is to make healthy dog treats made with real and organic ingredients leaving out the yucky stuff. The dog treats are gluten free made with no artificial preservatives, no artificial coloring, no corn, no soy, and no dairy.

By far, this flavor treat is my #1 seller!!! So with that being said, I would like for your fur baby to enjoy Pooch Natural Living's first flavor dog treat. Click on the treat picture and enjoy 50% off on a bag of Bananas for Blueberries using promo code: BB at checkout!


Tip: You can take one Bananas for Blueberries biscuit and mix it with 1/4 cup of unflavored (dairy free) coconut yogurt for a soft texture and an added probiotic benefit! For a softer texture, you can let it sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes before feeding it to your dog. This is also a great idea for senior dogs since it will be gentle on their teeth and gums.



Burke, Anna.

Donovan, Liz.

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