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Pumpkin for the Tummy

It's pumpkin season, but pumpkin is good all year round! While on the hunt for the perfect food for my dog Monchi, I realized I needed to have lots of patience. There was a lot of trial and error however it all started with her Veterinarian advising me to change her food when we discovered there could be list of food allergies. The signs of allergies were present when my dog became super itchy. She would excessively lick her buttocks, paws, and her belly including the inside of legs. She had skin pigmentation issues and several scabs throughout her body. Another sign of allergies was the constant ear infections. I took her several times to the Veterinarian due to these infections and she was treated with medications but then I was told chicken is the most common food allergy.

I was told I had to go through a process of elimination with her food, which is eliminating certain foods while tracking any improvements or unusual symptoms. Her Veterinarian also told me I had to wait about 6-8 weeks to see a change with this process of elimination method. My fur baby was going through it! We cut back on certain ingredients (including chicken) and began this journey gracefully. At one point, her food was prescribed but there wasn't much of an improvement since the allergies were very much present. I decided to do research on my own about different food brands. I became the dog mom that had lots of questions to every pet store owner, which they were very helpful and insightful. Long story short, I continued my research making the right decisions for my dog however switching up a dog’s food is no fun! Sometimes their stomach cannot handle the new changes even when we are following the proper transition ratio between the old and new food. It has been a long journey to say the least, however it’s been a learning experience. While changing her food, I would give her pumpkin to ease her upset stomach. Yay for pumpkins!! This is why pumpkin is good all year round.

According to PetCareRx, “the fiber in pumpkin can serve to both loosen or tighten your dog’s bowels. It knows what it’s doing, and will magically (aka, scientifically) address whichever issue your dog faces”. It also has other health benefits, such as vitamins A & C, potassium, and antioxidants. Feeding Monchi pumpkin was part of this journey as we continued to treat her allergy issues. Pumpkin definitely worked for her little sensitive tummy and she loves pumpkin!! So with that being said, I couldn’t ignore the fact that a pumpkin treat is a must! This is another reason why pumpkin is good all year round. I created “home sweet pumpkin” dog treat with all the health benefits in mind and this momma is on a mission to keep her fur baby healthy. I knew I was helping my dog but also satisfying her taste buds with the yummy pumpkin treat that’s made with peanut butter. I hope your fur baby enjoys this treat as much as Monchi.


Reference: Leonardi, Lauren. PetCarRx.

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