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Welcome to Pooch Natural Living

Treat your pooch to the best premium treats they will ever have. The treats are made with love and care. Our mission is to provide fresh, simple, and natural ingredients leaving out what is unhealthy and anything that causes food sensitivity. It's that simple, loving and feeding our pooch is the natural way of living!

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About Pooch Natural Living

Pooch Natural Living was created with my dog Monchi in mind. She's my inspiration and has taught me so much about patience when it comes to finding good quality dog food and treats, which started by reading beyond the front label. I became obsessed with reading the back label (ingredients) since she suffers from allergies. 

I believe dogs deserve a healthy life with special care on what we feed them. Overall, dogs are part of the family and should be treated as such. With that being said, they deserve healthy yummy snacks that will satisfy their taste buds and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 Pooch Natural Living was created to bring a healthier option for our fur babies with real ingredients leaving the yucky stuff out!  

More About Our Treats

Pooch Natural Living's goal is to provide the highest quality treats without compromising on nutrition value. Our gourmet dog treats are made with organic fresh ingredients: fruits, vegetables, herbs, poultry, and beef. There are no artificial preservatives and no artificial coloring. The crannies on our treats tell the story of Pooch Natural Living! 

Blue Spoon Set

Contact Us

Need to contact us about orders, gifts, questions or want to leave a review? Reach out, we'll be happy to hear from you!

P.O. Box 2007
Riverview, FL 33568



Customer Reviews

My dog loves these treats, and I love how cute and creative the flavors and shapes are. It’s amazing how the treats are healthy and natural for our fur babies

Lexi G. 

My very picky senior dog LOVES these treats. I would highly recommend Pooch Natural Living to everyone with picky puppers

Josephine J.

My pup loves these treats! He is usually pretty picky about his dog treats, but is always excited to get these. It’s great to know that I’m able to give my dog quality, natural, and healthy treats that he actually enjoys!

Matt M.

I ordered some of the cupcakes for my puppy’s first birthday, and he loved them! We also received some dog biscuits in our order, which was a sweet surprise. Thanks for helping make my puppy’s first birthday a success!

Laura R.

My baby loves her "Sweeter than Potatoes" treats. Thank you Pooch Natural Living for these amazing treats. Definitely recommend these treats

Yasira H.

I have two of the pickiest pups ever, and they devoured these treats in seconds! Will definitely be buying more!

Nely H.

I have 3 little furbabies with very big personalities....they let me know their opinion on everything. They absolutely love Pooch Natural Living!!! They refused the "old" kind after I let them try these! Best part is I don't feel guilty when I give them these since they are natural and healthy! All paws up for Pooch Natural Living!!!

Valerie R.

We love it when customers give feedback. Contact us with your review by using the contact form, emailing us at or posting on social media!

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